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Tuesday, 8-Apr-2008 15:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
MATA series - i LOVE my butterfly!~

MATA series - i LOVE my butterfly!~

salamz hi thr guyz & gals!~ sorry fer the great delay of ma updates!~ it has been awhile, i know...sorry, tho been abit busy like always ever since i came back from ma vacation to langkawi (the very nite after the election day)..i got SO MANY MORE to bring ere & all ma pages!~ & ill try ma best to get em all updated!~ so guyz, KEEP ON TUNIN, yeah?

this series is called MATA (means EYE) - i LOVE my butterfly (the glasses shape)...well, the truth is, im pretty obsess with the butterfly shaped glasses..i got 5 (n alot more to come) in ma collection~ so i was just kindda play around with the thing & HELL it came out this way!~ few have told me that i shud propose this to the eye wear company harharhar!~ but i think its gonna turns out great if later i cud bring this design to few of our products like paper bags / mugs & others!~ we will see!~ til then, hope ya guyz gonna like this piece!~ n havva great DAY!~

P/S : sorry 4 the last pic!~ i know i look like SHIT unshaved!~ but HELL, i dont really think twice when i get so excited wth the idea im havin in ma fuckin BRAIN!~ (dont have time to wait til i got shaved, so i just go with the snaps!~ harharhar )

much L OVE,

the devil himself,


Tuesday, 4-Mar-2008 01:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UNMASKED 08 - VOTE for your DEVIL!!

UNMASKED '08 - VOTE for your DEVIL!!

truely yours,
the big RED L VE

the devil himself.


Tuesday, 12-Feb-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
VALENTINEs SPECIAL 08 - ya missed me again, CUPE?


dear LOVE,

the more i hug ya,
the more it loses..
the more i kiss ya,
the more it dries..

the more i fly,
the more i fall..
the more i smile,
the more i cry alone..

dear LOVE,

the more i angry,
the more i sad..
the more i worry,
the more i feel mad..

the more i try to reach ya,
the more it goes..
the more i think about'cha,
the more it hurts..

but LOVE,

the more i try to run,
the more it ties..
the more i try to hate'cha,
the more i get close to DIE..

i love ya, LOVE...

i fuckin' LOVE YA!

now kill me slow & bring me to HELL...

© lii.redblackstudio.0431hours.070208

dear my fellow LOVERs..this is yer DEVIL speakin''s time fer me to wish ev'ry single BODY & SOUL of ya - a very happy VALENTINE~

i heard people said that "LOVE is in the AIR"...but the truth is, LOVE is in the HELL!~ the more ya LOVE, the more it more ya LOVE, the more it brings ya to HELL!~ but LOVE is sumthin' that keeps ya ALIVE!~ so ma dear fellow LOVERs, keep on lovin' yer LOVE ONEs..givin' yer very best to ev'ry single one of them WHILE YA STIL' CAN~ LOVE in a relationship is all about SHARING, GIVE & TAKE, HONEST &, enjoy the PAIN, and HAPPY VALENTINE!~

to those CUPEs (cupids)...that was pretty close to me heart..but NOT CLOSE ENOUGH!~ 'coz i am 'ere stil...DEAD!~

truely yours,
the big RED L VE,

the devil himself,


Friday, 1-Feb-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

ini hali aaa, wa manyak suka ati mau wish lu olang cina HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!~ moga ini tawon aaa, ata ong sama lu olang punya bisnes lagik ata untun meh~ hepi niu year meh!~ YAMSEEEEEEEEEEENGGGG!~

mem-pandang-kan ata olang sulah ciakap talak suka itu balang setan talak kuit punya balang, sikalang sini wa mau kasik meng-aku bahawa wa memang bikin itu balang cincai-bocai mau kasik cepat uplot itu gambat sini tampat..wa manyak mintak soli sama lu olang suma membacha..oleh yang lemikian, kini wa sulah bikin balu punya artwork kasik lagik kiut, kasik lagik lekat sama lu olang punya hati, kasik lu olang lagik ata epi-epi laya punya jiam loh!~ halap-halap lu olang manyak suka ini kiut punya setan punya balang meh!~ silamat laya cina!~ mahap sahil batil!~ "AH LIOW!~kasik angkat itu limau kasik itu olang!~ "

itu setan punya balang,
-Mr Lii-


Tuesday, 1-Jan-2008 01:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
welcome to my DARKNESS - HAPPY 2008!~

welcome to my darkness



hi there guys & gals..thanx fer keep on tunin to ma lil page ere at fotopages..thanx fer all yer comments & supports fer me & my co (redblackstudio®) all these years!~ im honored!~ im sucha blessed LUCKY DEVIL to hav all gud frenz around me..n those are YOU!! evry single fuckin BODY & SOUL of YOU!~ VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, guyz!~ all yer supports keep me goin ON & ON all these day!~ i really cant wait fer the new year, fer i - wil produce ALOT MORE artWORKs, artWORDs, designWORKs & alot more PROJECTs fer evrybody!~ STAY TUNE to all ma pages (stated down there)!~..ill bring MORE of my HIDDEN/ PREVIOUS/ LATEST works to ALL ma pages!~

i wud lurve to wish evrybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!~

may this year brings EVERYBODY more shinin stars, lucky fortunes, & lotsa blessings + all that ya eva wanna!~

so ere ya r, the latest work of the DEVIL , & this time, im showin ya the real devil himself..hope evrybody gonna like this one piece too!~

(i am TRYIN ma HARD now to get this one piece POSTED to evry of YOUR PAGE!~ just gimme a sec to get em all DONE!)


may ALL we LIVE in PEACE!~


the devil himself


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