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Saturday, 6-May-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
SUKMA XI KEDAH 2006 - T-shirt design - for CANTUMAN DAGAN

SUKMA XI KEDAH 2006 - T-shirt design - for CANTUMAN DAGANG SDN BHD

Friday, 5-May-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
SUKMA XI KEDAH 2006 - merchandise design - for CANTUMAN DAGANG

SUKMA XI KEDAH 2006 - merchandise design - for CANTUMAN DAGANG SDN. BHD.








X-TRA-from the lightbox

Monday, 10-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Assalamualaikum wa rahmah allah, wa barakah, wa makhfirah, wa ridzuan...
1st of all, gua nak mintak maaf pada semua sahabat yg sentiasa menyokong...maaf sebab lama jugak gua x update FP gua nih....ive been damn busy ngan design SUKMA (STAY TUNE, gua akan update suma design2 SUKMA tuh real soon).

ini adalah salah satu request yg pending last time..from saudara suhail bagi pihak PKPIM dan saudara JONOS yg sedang membuat pameran karikatur BANTAHAN * BOIKOT terhadap penyiaran karikatur yg menghina Nabi Muhamma SAW. Lu or boley pegi ke page dia nih basicly ada 2 geng dalam tuh....satu tuh yg marah2 pada media dan kerajaan diorg serta penulis karikatur tuh, dan bertindak berkempen memulaukan barangan DANISH... satu lagi geng pulak yg cuba menonjolkan kebaikan Islam...(banyak jugak kartunist tanahair yg terlibat termasuk la GAYOUR dan yg lain2...)

gua rasa gua berada di pihak yg kedua, so this is whut i got fer them, fer all of ya ere, n fer the whole world...dalam pada kita marah tuh, jgn lupa untuk memberi kemaafan...besar pahala memaafkan orang kalau dia insaf la, kalau dia x insaf tuh lain crita la...gua terpaksa la join geng yg pertama td (harharhrharhahahaharhar)...

so, kat bawah nih adalah invitation dan request dari saudra suhail..harap semua org berpuas hati...harap artwork cikai nih ada manfaat buat semua...semoga sedikit tanggungjawab atas kelebihan yg DIA kasik pada gua nih dapat gua tunaikan dan 'beri balik'...PEACE ( PLEASEEEE) NO WAR!!!

kepada saudara suhail, saudara jonos, dan PKPIm sendiri, gua mohon bbanyak maaf atas kelewatan artwork nih...harap anda berpuas hati...

the devil himself,


Akum.. aku mmg minat dgn lukisan ko..juz satu perkara aku nak tgk sgt hasil drp lukisan ko..apa dia?

Tau kan baru2 ni pasal kartun hina nabi tuh.. dah tgk kartun tu? maybe tak dpt nak tgk kat mesia sbb kita betul2 pertahankan imej nabi kesayangan kita tu..

Kenal Jonos tak? skrg ni tgk wat pameran lukisan nak lawan balik org denmark tuh kat UIA Gombak.. caranya dia wat lukisan yang menunjukkan islam itu baik etc.. baguihhh sgt sbb itulah tanda protes dia..

Dia wat ngan kerjasama PKPIM.. nak tgk gambar dia ada kat website PKPIM

Come on la.. aku nak tgk gak ko punya hasil gitu.. then, kita buat tour pun ok ape

Assalamualaikum.. tq bro for your respond to my prior comment.. it's my pleasure to invite u joining us in PKPIM for spreading the words that ISLAM IS A WAY OF LIFE, ISLAM IS THE BEST, ISLAM ENCOURAGES GOOD THINGS..etc. Some would spread it by those words, but i believe that image speaks better than that..

Thus, if u've already agreed to fully support us in this campaign, i suggest u to submit your artwork to :

(u/p : Sdr. Izwan Suhadak, EXCO PDP)
Sekretariat PKPIM Pusat
Anjung Rahmat
Batu 6, Jalan Gombak
53100 Kuala Lumpur.

or via email :

please be sure that u let them know that i'm your seconder for the artwork.. coz by using my name as introducer too, ur artwork will absolutely be accepted and recommended. InsyaAllah if there's a chance for us to gather more cartoonist or artist, we'll let u know.. for the time being, if u have artwork for the purpose mentioned, juz submit them to the address given above.. Cehh, skema sangat plak..

Eh, lupa plak nak gitau nama penuh.. my name is Muhammad Suhail Ahmad. For your information, we are now trying to get into Balai Seni Lukis Negara for an exhibition of these arts cosisting of various artists artworks.. we are trying our best now..

Once again, tq for ur full support..

## the value of our effort is not on the price we put on it but it is on HIM to evaluate ##

Suhail -

Wednesday, 1-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
2ban 'REVELATION' - album cover

buletin posted by DJ Nnambi
View all 7 photos...
liiproduction @ redblackstudio® & 2ban (SMASH MOUTH EDUCATION)
-from the artwork 'SALAM RAMADHAN'

the invitation / request

the buletin posted by Dj Nnambi @ myspace & the comment at

visit 2ban @ myspace (

Friday, 17-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
hey there again - STILL REMEMBER ME?

UNMASKED 2-preview-RED series!~
UNMASKED 2-preview-RED series!~

assalamualaikum wa rahmah allah, wa barakah, wa makhrifah, wa ridzuan...

to al ma beloved frenz...1st of all i wanna thanx ya guyz n gals ALOT fer still tunin in to ma lil page ere, n fer all yer cares, luvs, comments n all yer supports...really appreciate em so damn much!~ it means a lot to this lil nobody to keep doin whut i had blved... n ya guyz encouraged me a lot...2ndly i wanna apologize to ya guyz fer the long '4 months' that ive been silent with no update at all (ere at fotopages)...IM SO SORRY:-(...thanx fer all yer Qs n comments, buddies!~

fer all these days...ive been workin all alone wth ma redblackstudio®...n ive been quite busy with those shits...just imagine that ive been doin all the dealin, meetin, contactin, design (f'coz), delivery, etc, etc all by ma self...alhamdulillah, we (redblackstudio®) r not doin THAT good but at least we r still breathin...n-yeah, alhamdulillah that we've make it to pples attention...but the SHIT is, this lil nobody ere has been cheated n fooled by these few fuckin MALAY business-dudes (GOD DAMN IT! malay wont ever change, huh? )...sorry but i have to say this -FUCK those FUCKIN MALAY!~ n heeyyyy! dont get me wrong, im not blamin all MALAY but to this few 'hey im the successful businessman'-bloodsucker!! to all ma frenz out there!~ beware of YOUR MALAY!! but alhamdulillah things turned out to be 'okay' now...n ive learned ALOT from whut ive been thru...alhamdulillah...n im still RAWKIN n still KICKin BUTT!!

im so sorry that ya guyz gotta read all those FUCKIN BULLSHIT up there...but heyy, whut a fren for aite?...lets help n remind each other!~

ive been workin on a few projects ere with redblackstudio®...weve got few more events fer all of ya...BANDs DAY OUT !! (2), redblackstudio®-liiproduction & frenz (art & music performance / exhibition), n few others...i got lots of idea ere inside ma head but the thing that STOPed me is just that ive been workin ALONE...insyaallah i've got frenz around n will find few others to RAWK with me...insyaallah, we r workin on it!~

as fer ma personal artwork (liiproduction): well, ive been quite slow so sorry fer all ma frenz that ive been promised fer those caricatures, photo editin, and all...just like i told ya guyz, ill make em done fer ya when i got free time...but im so sorry to keep ya guyz waitin fer TOO LONG!~ insyaallah ill try to manage ma time n schedule so that i can make em (really-DONE) fer ya...insyaallah...fer those in the waitin list, please REMIND ME!!! n im gonna make another NEW LIST to those who still alive n tunin in!~ this is how its gonna work :

1. try to find our conversation (YM/myspace/friendster/fotopages/email)
2. copy n paste in yer email
3. attach yer photo (make sure to send me those that i can SEE)
4. send em to ma email at with the title ‘HOW DARE YA FERGET ME, LII!’
5. wait fer ma reply
6. wait fer yer artwork

n yes-still ill make em done when I got free time…hope ya guyz understand…gotta get all ma works done 1st (that’s the only source that I got fer money..i aint got no monthly payment…im self employed). Unless ya pay me fer ma work…ill make sure that I got it done as SOON as I can…

so, that’s all fer now…thanx fer reading all this BULLSHIT n thanx fer still tunin in!~ I LUV ya guyz n gals A LOT! (mmmuaaaaachhh! ?)..heh…so ere sum LUV fer ya…HIDDEN artworks from ma previous journals (a.k.a ma black books), sketches, etc, etc…maybe few of these have been posted ere b4...hope ya guyz gonna enjoy em n DONT FERGET TO LEAVE ME YER COMMENTS aite?...ill update ma new artworks, designworks n photos later…just KEEP ALIVE and STAY TUNE!~


assalamualaikum wa rahmah allah, wa barakah, wa makhfirah, wa ridzuan…

the devil himself,

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